Our customers set the standards by which we work

To do this effectively we involve our service users, and the people that are important to them, in all aspects of what we do from satisfaction surveys to interviewing staff, attending corporate events and contributing to the Welmede Management Board.

We listen to our service users and value their opinions; that’s what helps us to develop the support and advice that we offer. Our customers will always come FIRST. Our Quality Assurance Policy supports this approach and we have a dedicated Quality Manager who works to ensure that all of our services are delivering high quality, person centred support.

We have a through and rigorous Quality Auditing process, with monthly audits conducted by our dedicated Quality Team, and a rolling programme of observational audits.

The services we provide are regulated by the Care Quality Commission who carry out regular inspections to ensure that we are delivering services which are compliant with the regulatory framework (Care Act 2014). You can view details of our all CQC registrations here.

Welmede recognises peoples' skills and through our social firm Valued Promotions offer the opportunity for our service users to use those skills and be paid for the work that they do. This ranges from joining interview panels for recruitment and facilitating training for our staff to event management, meeting, greeting and presenting, and using skills in administrative work.

Positive View is a magazine for our service users produced by the people we support. It’s an opportunity to showcase peoples' talents, share experiences and information. Click to see Positive View magazine >

Welmede are always looking to increase opportunities for our service users. We aim to run our organisation in line with our vision and key values “Our vision is of a world where people with disabilities are equal and can live the lives they want”. There is an opportunity for everyone to get involved and have a voice.