The Chairman

A message from our Chairman, John Langan

John worked in NHS Human Resources and Planning before becoming District General Manager of Kingston Health Authority in 1987 and then Chief Executive of Kingston Hospital NHS Trust in 1991. In this capacity John was a founder Director of the NHS Trust Confederation and a member of a number of national working parties. He was also a Governor of Kingston University, a Governor of the Royal College of Nursing Institute, Chairman of the South West London Workforce Development Confederation and Executive Chairman of the South West London Orthopaedic Centre.

On retiring from the NHS in 2003 John set up his own company which provides consultancy services and sells capacity management software to the NHS. He is also a trustee of a charitable medical foundation.

John was a founder member of Welmede when it was first established in 1987. He says: "I have very much enjoyed my association with Welmede since it was founded. This is in no small way down to being part of an organisation which is constantly evolving. We face a rapidly changing environment for people with learning disabilities. Those changes are gaining pace with ever more opportunities for individual tailoring of services to meet the needs of our clients and it is exciting to be involved with Welmede at the forefront of this activity. "