Michael Glover

"I was born in Egham and 20 years ago I moved out of the area. In 2014 the home that I lived in was closing down, so with the help of my Care Manager and my Advocate I visited several places with the hope that I would find something suitable and preferably close to Egham as my family live there.

2B Guildford Rd was the third place that I visited; I instantly liked it as I was made to feel welcome by everyone, and everyone sat and spoke with me which made me feel happy. I also liked the idea of living with other gentlemen. It was nice and quiet and I had a look around and told my Advocate that this was the place that I wanted to live and I did not want to visit the other places which I was due to visit later in the day.

Over the next few weeks I visited frequently and had an overnight stay and visited the local shops, pubs and bookmakers and the local church. I moved in on the 9th of May 2014.  My housemates and the staff organised a welcome Rock & Roll Party which was fantastic.

I could not be happier. I have regular contact with my family, I have support each day to pursue my interests, visiting my local pub and bookmakers. I am also supported with my daily activities, and I went on holiday to Amsterdam with my housemates. I also met old friends at the first tenants’ meeting I attended, who I used to work with many years ago. We meet up for lunch and drinks when we can. One year on I am very happy, it’s the best place I have ever lived in. I feel that after all of these years I have my freedom to live as I choose."