Scott Laidlaw

"I was a volunteer with Welmede some years ago, doing activities, and I loved every minute of it. Everyone was friendly and helpful and I have some great memories.

Unfortunately, my health deteriorated which left me with mobility and other problems, and I was unable to carry on.

Life wasn’t so good then and I soon lost my confidence in all areas of my life. My days would be spent in my flat, and I would only go out as far as the local shop or sit in the garden. My holidays were spending a week at my mums.

In 2013 Welmede became my support provider, and my life has improved dramatically. My support staff have encouraged me to regain some of my independence skills which I was relying on others to do for me. My confidence has slowly come back and I am now enjoying life again.

I now go to the theatre, cinema, shopping in town, out for lunch and in September I am going on my first holiday ever and so looking forward to it. Last week I went clothes shopping with my support staff for my holiday.

I now feel like I can do anything and my learning disability and health issues are no longer going to stop me."