Surrey Jigsaw

Bringing together like minded families to plan and achieve quality lifestyles

Does your son or daughter want to live with others but not sure who with?

Would you both like to be in control but have expert advice to help you through the housing and support maze?

Would you like to use all the flexibilities of personalisation but without having to spend ages figuring it all out?

Then join with an increasing number of families signing up for JIGSAW by Welmede our unique parental network.

There are different ways to be involved: send your details and we will add them to our listings. Check out whether you think there is someone your son or daughter may want to share with and tell us. We regularly review listings and contact people to facilitate possible matches. Confidentiality is fully respected at all times.

Together we can achieve more: join our JIGSAW Meetings which bring parents together to learn the best way to get quality housing and support. Working in an informal way helps problem solving and reinforces that you are not on your own.  Hear how other parents have succeeded. Share progress via our email group. Hopefully you will also have a bit of fun along the way!

Individual Support: if you prefer the individual approach then we are happy to meet and discuss options and agree possible housing and support options at your convenience.

Being part of JIGSAW involves no obligation to use Welmede for housing and support and the service is completely free.

To find out more about Jigsaw please contact our Referrals Team on 07798 641586 or email us.